Garage Door Maintenance Services in RI

Maintaining The Fuctionality

True Garage Door RI assists its clients in maintaining the functionality of their garage doors for many years. Our customers hardly ever experience issues with the operation of their garage doors and appreciate the ease of their opener. And how do we go about doing this? utilizing our yearly maintenance program.

Regular inspections and maintenance appointments guarantee that your garage door remains working and that you won’t find yourself in an uncomfortable scenario where you’re caught without a door. When a door entirely refuses to open or close, we are here to help. However, with our maintenance services, your odds of encountering a problematic circumstance like this are reduced.

Preventable Maintenance

Although you might not think so, problems can be prevented with upkeep. This is why. When one of our specialists comes out for routine maintenance, they check the garage door for any issues. By checking, we determine whether any parts require adjustment or replacement or if any are defective and need to be fixed. We notify the customer if a part sustains damage via normal wear and tear or if its lifespan is set to expire. We offer advice and solutions so that components can be changed before the door jams completely and you need more expensive repair work.

Longevity Can Be Strengthened With Proper Door Adjustments

An often used door requires proper maintenance. We have years of experience assessing garage doors and adjusting springs and cables. We adjust the door’s force at the opener unit and examine all the sensors and remote controls. Every component is checked for maintenance, along with the tightening and repairing of each component. In order to ensure that the door performs flawlessly, we may also oil the rollers and wires.

Our engineers are passionate about delivering superior service outcomes. We repair and maintain all kinds of systems, even the most sophisticated and exacting ones. When a problem arises that calls for a specific approach, we offer garage door troubleshooting and ensure that your door keeps functioning safely. Call Us Today for a FREE consultation! 401-304-6659